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I'm Going to Need a Minute

How often do we truly take the time that we need to still our soul? Everywhere you look, there are tips on how to keep up with the crazy pace we have set for our lives. While an article on the Top Five Ways to Find Energy in Your Day might sound like a great idea, have we considered that a quiet and restful five minutes with a cup of tea could be just as reinvigorating?

We are busy people to be sure. Corporate busyness, domestic busyness, motherhood busyness, caretaking busyness, church busyness, social busyness... we are simply busy. A lack of proper and disconnected rest can affect our mental and emotional health, as well as our relationships. Work overload often leads to emotional overwhelm. Many of us, when emotionally overstimulated, do not possess the tools needed to cope and can tend to interact with life from a place of anxiety, frustration, depression, ineffectiveness, the list goes on.

Start small today with a five-minute break. Have a scone, drink some coffee, stare out of a window at the rain. In other words, let your brain shut off for a few minutes, power down and let yourself decompress. This seemingly insignificant break can provide just enough of a fresh wind for you to come back at your day (and life) with a new perspective or at the very least, with a bit more energy. Creativity might just be tucked into those five minutes of silence that you gift to yourself. If you give it a try, drop a comment below and let me know how it goes! Take care of yourself today.

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