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The Journey

A Road Less Traveled

My journey began as a young girl from the woods of Maine. Born into a religious household and loving the idea of an Almighty God and this man called Jesus, my life seemed on a good and wholesome track. 

And then pain came into my life in a whirlwind of false hopes and promises which would keep me shackled to unrealized hopes, shattered dreams and bitterness for a very long time. 

The bondage of sin and grief became too much to bear. I cried out to the Lord for a very long time. Did He hear me? Was He listening? Did He care? 

He did. 

He does. 

White Chair

The "Easy" Path

The easy path is to push it down with drink, depression, drugs, sex, greed, work, or any other activity that numbs the pain and the want. The easy path is refusing to seek help to talk about your need for healing and safety. The easy path is to pushing down the soul grief and unmet needs that clamor inside your mind continually. Don't take the easy path. 

The easy path leads to perpetual pain. 

Seek care instead. 

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